A Healthy Platter of Nutritional

Call it nutritional wisdom, guidance or mentorship – our services are designed to serve diverse food demands, taste and requirements.

Junior Sport Nutrition

Junior Sport Nutrition

Athletes’ eating habits are as important as each training session.

Our 1:1 sports nutrition counselling and support is targeted towards young athletes between the age of 10 and 18

Initial consultation 60 min
Follow-up visits 30 min

What we will provide

  • Collect data to assess and identify nutrition-related obstacles.
  • Take measurements and anthropometrics to monitor physical progress.
  • Educate Young athletes and their families on:
    • What foods are good for energy.
    • When to eat certain foods.
    • How to eat during the sports event.
    • When and what to eat to replenish after the sports activity.
  • Manage and prevent malnutrition, eating disorders, and sports injuries.

♣️ Monitor, evaluate, and reassess whenever necessary.

Nourished leaf“Ideal for young athletes between 10-18 years old”

Nourishing Workshops

We work with families, schools, and organizations to raise healthier children.

The workshops are aimed to develop a child’s analytical thinking toward food through fun interactive games, and cooking demos activities.

Topics such as:

  • Tell me about my healthy plate
  • I spy with my little eye on a veggie and a fruit

For fees and details please contact us. Separate packages for schools.

Arabic workshops can be arranged upon request.

Nourished leaf“Ideal for kids aged 6 – 12 years”

Healthy child Workshop
Lifestyle Intervention Program

Lifestyle Intervention Program

Our special group 1-on-1 program serves night shift workers and single parents who were the highest to request nutrition support based on a market survey.

Our goal is to ease their frustration and stress and help them reach health objectives that empower them to a better quality of life.

Initial consultation 60 min
Follow-up visit  30 min

What we will provide:

  • Assessment: collecting important data to identify lifestyle challenges.
  • Intervention: Prioritizing problems or goals that can be resolved and achieved to promote better eating habits.
  • Design and Implementation of purposeful nutrition plan to positively change or improve the quality of life.
  • Evaluation, and reassessment in the case of relapse.

Counseling Skills Development

Mentoring entry-level counselors who have little or no previous experience.

Workshops will provide strategic guidelines on how to build constructive client/ counselor relationship that is the foundation of successful nutrition care support system.

  • 5 sessions 60 minutes each
  • one-on-one
  • small groups of 4-6p

Fees vary accordingly, contact for more information.

Nourished leaf“Only for entry-level nutrition and wellbeing counselors”

Group Coaching