Your journey to
better health begins
with nutrition

We believe in working together with you, when it comes to learning about nutrition, understanding what’s best for your wellbeing, and achieving your health goals.

From supporting junior athletes to educating children about nutrition, from mentoring entry-level coaches to guiding groups on diet lifestyles – Nourished Side by Side is right here for you.

Feeding you Confidence & Clarity

We get you. In today’s world nutrition is one of the most commercialized industries, if not the MOST!

Misleading claims and risky trends are becoming a serious public health concern. Your brain is juggling multiple messages at once. What’s the calorie count? Proteins, fibers, trans fat, how do I read these labels?

Let’s just pause here!

Let us sift through all that clutter and put your mind at ease. Our expertise and up-to-date science-based counseling are harnessed specifically with you in mind while keeping it all fun and interactive.

Our Services

Junior Sport Nutrition

Junior Sport Nutrition

Nutrition empowering young athletes to perform to their best levels.

Healthy child Workshop

Nourishing Workshops

Working together with families, schools and organizations to encourage healthier habits in children.

Lifestyle Intervention Program

Lifestyle Intervention Program

1-on-1 programs addressing the high-demand for nutrition from single parents & night-shift professionals.

Group Coaching

Counseling Skills Development

Offering step-by-step guidance to entry-level counselors on how to build a client/counselor relationship.

In the Founder's Words

Wafaa Bouatta Nutritionist in Dubai

“I built Nourished Side-By-Side so I could empower children and adults to make healthier choices by imparting nutrition literacy, making it accessible to everyone taking into consideration the different environmental, cultural, socio-economic, and psychological factors.”

Wafaa Bouatta

Wafaa Bouatta worked as a licensed nutritionist in Kuwait, Uganda, Morocco, and Dubai as a sports, nutrition, and well-being licensed counselor with over 15 years of experience

Together we walk to a nourished future

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